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We do our best to provide you with the best possible example sites that match your search query. If you're not finding what you're searching for, try a search operator. Add these symbols or words to your search terms in the search box to gain more control over the results that you see.

Tip: When you search using an operator, don't add any spaces between the operator and your query. A search for inurl:wedding will work, but inurl: wedding will not.

Search for an exact word or phrase
"search query"
Use quotes to search for an exact word or set of words. This option is handy to narrow down your search results.

Example: "steiner school"

Search by WordPress theme author
If you are looking for site examples that use themes by a certain theme provider, include author:  in your query. Don't add any spaces in the operator query. Elegant Themes should be written as elegantthemes. We provide a suggest menu that pops up when you start typing.

Example: author:elegantthemes

Search by WordPress theme name
If you want to show all website examples that use a certain theme, include theme:  in your query. Don't add any spaces in the operator query. London Creative should be written as londoncreative. We provide a suggest menu that pops up when you start typing.
It could be that there's multiple authors using the same name for a theme. You can include both operators author and theme to narrow down your results.

Example: theme:londoncreative

Search by top level domain
If you are looking for WordPress website examples of a certain top level domain, include tld: in your query. For example, you can find all german .de WordPress examples like this:

Example: tld:de

Search for sites that have a certain word in the URL
Using the inurl: operator, you can find pages that contain the query in the url. For example, you can find WordPress example sites
that contain greenhouse in their url like this: inurl:greenhouse

Example: inurl:greenhouse

Search for sites that contain a certain WordPress plugin
If you want to see WordPress plugins live in action, you can use this operator to find example sites. For example, when you are looking for example WordPress sites that use the plugin "popular post bar widget", use this query: plugin:popular-posts-bar-widget. Use the auto-suggest dropdown to find the exact unique name that we use to identify a plugin.

Example: plugin:popular-posts-bar-widget

Search for WordPress sites in a certain language
Use this search operator if you want to find WordPress example sites that use a certain language. For example, to find WordPress example sites in Japanese, use this query: langugae:ja.

Example: language:ja

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